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Amos Financial LLC encourages borrowers to visit www.knowmydebt.com. Know My Debt was created by the members of ACA International, the Association of Credit and Collection Professionals, as a valuable resource for consumer education on financial literacy.

General Information

No, we do not report to any credit reporting agencies.
We do not report to any credit reporting agencies. If you believe that your credit report contains inaccurate information you should contact the credit reporting agencies directly. Below you will find contact information to the following credit agencies:

Experian Innovis
P.O. Box 2002 Allen, TX 75013 (888) 397-3742

P.O. Box 740241 Atlanta, GA 30374 (800) 685-1111

P.O. Box 2000 Chester, PA 19022 (800) 916-8800
P.O. Box 1358 Columbus, OH 43216 (800) 540-2505
Yes, we are a licensed collection agency. However, we only collect debts that we own. We do not collect for any third-party creditors.
Yes, absolutely. We will work with you to arrive at a mutually satisfactory re-payment plan.
If your payment does not reach us within the grace period (if any) specified in your loan documents, you will be assessed a late fee if your loan documents provide for one and applicable law allows it. Again, this is determined by the date the payment is actually received by Amos Financial and not by the mailing date or the date on the check.
We do not use the postmark date from the envelope. Your payment is considered received the day it is received at our payment processing center or operations center.
Payments that are properly noted with your loan number and mailed to the address on your statement will post within 24 hours of the day of receipt, provided they are received on any regular business day, Monday through Friday. Payments received on a weekend or holiday will post on the next regular business day and would post as of the date received.
If two or more weeks have elapsed since you sent the payment, Amos Financial suggests, for your protection, that you ask your bank to put a Stop Payment on the check. You will then need to resubmit your payment to Amos Financial. If you elect to place a stop payment on the check, please note that Amos Financial will not be responsible for the stop payment charge from your bank, and a returned check fee (in accordance with applicable law) may be assessed to your account if the check is returned unpaid.
If you mailed your payment to the prior servicer, it will be endorsed and forwarded to Amos Financial for proper credit to your account. If you receive a notice from us that it has not been received, please advise us immediately. Our Customer Service Department will work with you to either secure the payment you sent, or make arrangements to resubmit the payment to us.
This is known as a curtailment or partial prepayment. If your loan is current and has the standard payment application requirements (check your Note, Mortgage and any applicable Riders for details), an amount in excess of the regular payment amount will be applied first to any outstanding charges (such as late fees or interest) and then to principal. Also, if your Note has a prepayment penalty, the extra amount you send could trigger that penalty. Please check your note and understand what it means.
A payment is considered late one day after the payment due date. However, your loan documents may provide for a “grace period” before a late fee can be assessed.
Your statement includes the following information:
The amount due on your mortgage, the payment due date, the amount of any late fee if we do not receive payment by the due date. If your note has multiple payment options, the statement will show the amounts due under every option.

An explanation of the amount due and how much of your payment will be applied to principal, interest and escrow. If your note has multiple payment options, the statement will detail whether the principal balance with increase, decrease or stay the same. It will also list the amount of any fees or charges imposed since the prior statement and any amount past due.

A breakdown of past payments, including amounts received and applied to principal, interest, escrow, fees and charges, and any amount sent to any suspense or unapplied funds account. It will also list the total of all payments received since the beginning of the current calendar year using the same breakdown.

A list of all transactions that have occurred since the last statement. A transaction is any activity that causes a credit or debit to be applied to the amount currently due. This list includes the date of the transaction, a brief description of the transaction, and the amount of the transaction for each activity on the list.

Partial payment information. If a statement reflects a partial payment that was placed in suspense or unapplied funds account, the statement provides information explaining what must be done for the funds to be applied.

Contact information that includes a toll-free telephone number.

Account information that includes the amount of the outstanding principal balance, the current interest rate; the date after which the interest rate may next change; the existence of any prepayment penalty that may be charged, and Web address for either the Bureau list or the HUD list of home ownership counselors and counseling organizations and the HUD toll-free telephone number to access contact information for home ownership counselors or counseling organizations.

Delinquency information, which indicates whether your loan is more than 45 days delinquent; the date on which the loan became delinquent; a notification of possible risks, such as foreclosure, and expenses, that may be incurred if the delinquency is not cured; an account history showing, for the previous six months or the period since the last time the account was current (whichever is shorter), the amount remaining past due from each billing cycle or, if any such payment was fully paid, the date on which it was credited as fully paid; a notice indicating any loss mitigation program to which you have agreed, if applicable; a notice of whether we have made the first notice or filing required by applicable law for any judicial or non-judicial foreclosure process, if applicable; the total payment amount needed to bring the account current; and a reference to home ownership counselor information.

To request that a change be made to your billing statement, make your request in writing to:

Amos Financial LLC
3330 Skokie Valley Road – Suite 301
Highland Park, IL 60035


Amos Financial understands that this can be a very difficult time for you. You should notify your insurance company/agent as soon as possible after a loss. Please call our Customer Service Department at 866-213-4957:Monday Friday (except holidays) 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM (Central) with the claim number and contact information for your insurance company.
Amos Financial will monitor repairs to the property. Therefore, we ask that you send in the following information:
The contractor's proposal
The insurance adjuster's report
The hazard claims check endorsed by the borrower

Without all three documents we will not be able to process your check. If you would like more information, please call the toll-free telephone number listed above.
Yes. If you have a home loan, you must have adequate insurance to cover the structure against loss. Every homeowner's policy has a section to list your mortgage holder as a loss payee. Amos Financial must be listed in the loss payee section. Your mortgage requires you to provide evidence of insurance upon request. If Amos Financial does not have proof of coverage, we will notify you that we need this information. If you receive an insurance request notification, please contact your agent/carrier immediately and advise them to provide us with evidence of insurance, and to ensure that Amos Financial is identified as the loss payee.
The minimum standard for property homeowners insurance is the that the dwelling must be insured to meet the unpaid principal loan balance and must have a correct mortgagee clause
This is important for several reasons, which ultimately affect you the customer, your agent/carrier, and Amos Financial. In the unfortunate event that your property suffers a loss, the insurance carrier needs this information to ensure that the repairs are completed in a timely manner. Each year your agent/carrier will send out the renewal policy to ensure that the servicer of your loan has evidence of insurance. Finally, for escrowed loans where Amos Financial is responsible for paying the annual insurance premium, your agent/carrier must have Amos Financial listed as loss payee with the correct address to ensure that we are billed timely and payment is made to avoid policy cancellation.

Please ensure that AMOS Financial is listed as loss payee on your insurance policy as follows:
Amos Financial LLC
3330 Skokie Valley Road – Suite 301
Highland Park, IL 60035

You agreed when you executed your mortgage to maintain homeowner's insurance. Failure to obtain and maintain homeowner’s insurance is a default under the terms of your mortgage.
Contact Customer Service at 866-213-4957. You can also contact your insurance provider to confirm.
Amos Financial LLC
Attn: Insurance
3330 Skokie Valley Road – Suite 301
Highland Park, IL 60035


If you do not have an escrow/impound account with Amos Financial, you are responsible for paying your taxes when they become due. If you have an escrow/impound account with Amos Financial, your taxes will be paid when due from your escrow/impound account.

Please refer to your loan documents to determine if you have an escrow/impound account established. You may also refer to your monthly billing statement to determine if your monthly payment includes an escrow portion, or contact Customer Service at 866-213-4957 to verify this information.

If at any time you are required to send your tax bill directly to Amos Financial, please indicate your Loan Account Number on the tax bill and send it to:

Amos Financial LLC
Attn: Tax/Escrow
3330 Skokie Valley Road – Suite 301
Highland Park, IL 60035
If you receive a delinquent tax bill, please IMMEDIATELY call Customer Service at 866-213-4957.


An escrow account is where a portion of your monthly payment is set aside to accumulate the amount necessary to pay your real estate taxes and/or homeowner’s insurance premiums when they become due. Generally, an escrow account is set up when you purchased your home or refinanced your loan.
Your escrow/impound account will be reviewed (analyzed) at least once a year. We will compare the monthly deposits into your escrow account to the projected payments to be made from your escrow/impound account. You will receive a written escrow analysis notifying you in advance of any necessary adjustments to your monthly payment amount.


The timing of a lien release or satisfaction varies depending on state requirements and local processing time. Amos Financial will prepare and transmit a lien release/satisfaction to the county where the property resides within the time required by law (usually within 30 days of our receiving the payoff). Amos Financial has no control over how long it will take the county to process and record the lien release/satisfaction after we forward it to them. In those counties where the lien release/satisfaction can be recorded electronically, it may be received and processed the same day. In those counties that require a paper document to be submitted, it could be 45 days (or more) for the lien release/satisfaction to be processed and recorded in the public records.

Credit Reporting

No. Amos Financial does not report to any credit reporting agency.

1098 Interest / Tax Form

By the end of January each year, you will be sent a statement (Form 1098) of your account for the previous year's reporting. This statement shows your loan balance as well as the interest you paid Amos Financial the prior year. You may need this information to complete your tax forms. We must also report this information to the IRS if the amount of interest paid is over $600.

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