Amos Financial LLC is attempting to collect a debt and any information obtained will be used for that purpose.  NMLS# 1111855

Q: Does Amos Financial LLC report to credit bureaus?

A: No, we do not report any debt to any crediting agencies.

Q: What if something on my credit report is incorrect?

A: Again we do not communicate with any crediting agencies.  However if you have paid
     your account off with us or are paying we would be able to draft a letter indicating that

     so you may provide that documentation when contacting the credit agency.  Below you

     will find the contact information to all the credit agencies:

Experian                     Equifax                           Transunion                      Innovis                       

P.O. Box 2002           P.O. Box 740241           P.O. Box 2000                P.O. Box 1358

Allen, TX 75013        Atlanta, GA 30374        Chester, PA 19022         Columbus, OH 43216

(888) 397-3742        (800) 685-1111               (800) 916-8800             (800) 540-2505

Q: Is Amos Financial LLC a collection agency?

A: Yes, we are a certified collection company.  However, we only collect debts that we own.

     we do not collect for any third party creditors.

Q: Why should I contact Amos Financial LLC?

A: Simply put, the longer you wait to contact us about your debt the

     more it will cost you.  Interest and other fees accrue everyday so it  

     would be best to contact us as soon as possible to save yourself from  

     unnecessary extra charges.

Q: If I am going through financial hardship can Amos

     Financial LLC help me?

A: Yes, absolutely.  We do everything we can to work with you and

     structure a payment plan that would be suitable to your situation.